PPL Exams

As part of the licence, there are a set of theoretical exams, all of which are multiple choice with a pass rate of 75%.

The exams required for a PPL(A)

  1. Air Law
  2. Operational Procedures
  3. Principles of Flight
  4. Meteorology
  5. Navigation
  6. Communication
  7. Human Performance and Limitations
  8. Aircraft General Knowledge
  9. Flight Planning and Performance

These exams must be taken in 6 exam sessions, an exam session for the PPL exams are defined as a period of 10 days. All exams must be taken within an 18 month period from the end of the month you took your first exam.

A final exam is your Radio Telephony Test, this is a practical skills test usually done towards the end of your training, and authorizes you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station on a UK registered aircraft.

I’ll keep this page updated with more information as and when I get it.

Update 1 20/01/18

I have passed my Air Law Exam, 16 out of 16 correct!