About Me

Hey, I’m Callum, 22 and from West Sussex with a passion for flying! I am currently Cabin Crew with easyJet working out of London Gatwick, this is a great experience for what I want to be my future career!


I’ve wanted to fly for as long as I can remember! Looking back to when I was a child, we used to live looking out on to the flight path for Gatwick’s runways, so would always see planes taking off or landing throughout the day, I could often be found looking out the window at them. I seem to remember my Dad getting a trial flying lesson as a present one year down at Shoreham, I went to watch and was fascinated by the aircraft around me, shortly after his trial lesson he got a version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 98, which I used to watch him fly regularly.

As I grew older I became to take more of an interest in aviation, me and my Dad used to drive up to Gatwick (when it still had the viewing deck in the south terminal) in the morning and watch the planes, grab some lunch and then go and sit down the bottom of the runway and watch them from there. This fuelled me even more and I said “One day, I want to grow up and fly a plane” – the highlight of the day would be watching the 747’s arrive in to Gatwick, just feeling the power behind them as they arrive!

My dad purchased Microsoft FS2002 and 2004 as and when they came out and as I became older I thought I would try my hand at them, the first was not successful and neither were the next lot! I never gave up, then one day my dad walks in and sees me flying on FS2004 and was impressed. The first one I remember flying properly was on FSX, I received it as a present one Christmas and was really eager to try it out, it was fantastic, my only down side was I was flying on the keyboard, the next Christmas I received the Saitek X52 Yoke and Throttles, and this made the experience so much better and made my passion for flying increase. I would fly the little aircraft from the local Aerodrome to taking a 747 IFR to New York, it allowed me to be me!

I used to work in retail, but moved in 2016 to easyJet as Cabin Crew at London Gatwick, this has been not without its challenges, physically and mentally, but the experiences and rewards massively outweigh the challenges. In 2017 I applied to CTC to do the easyJet MPL, however on the aptitude tests missed the mark by one or two points – gutting but without it I wouldn’t be in this position!

For Christmas 2016 I was fortunate enough to get a trial flying lesson down in Shoreham, this hour flight cemented my passion and my future training path. After this lesson I debated and weighed up the pros and cons of each way, and decided that this would be the route for me!

I looked at all the schools down at Shoreham and at Redhill and Biggin Hill, yet decided Shoreham would be the most beneficial location. I then booked a meeting with a Certified Flying Instructor at Shorehams’ Sussex Flying Club. This was my opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted answered, and with that this is where the blog starts!